Download The Roblox Asset Online {2018 Updated}

Want to download Roblox Asset?

In this article we’re going to share the multiple method of downloading free Roblox Asset.

Basically there are 2 methods that we know so far. Which are the best and well known methods. Roblox Asset Downloader Online & downloading the roblox asset with the help of Google Chrome Extension.

But there are also plenty of website you could find over the google which ask you to download the Roblox Assets. Most of them ended with the human verification or they may ask you for the roblox login information. Don’t ever trust those website, they are wheelie bad.

Downloading Roblox Assets 2018

We’ve categorised the Roblox Asset Downloader into 2 part, which are given below

Roblox Asset Downloader Online

So far we suggest you to use the Roblox Asset Downloader online. This is the best way to download  any asset you want. Roblox Asset Downloader Online is a web based application, where you don’t need to download any kind of file or app over to your device, in order to perform the download. Click on the “BUTTON” below to open the Roblox Asset Downloader

Roblox Asset Downloader Online
Roblox Asset Downloader 

All you need to copy the asset location, once you locate your asset copy the URL and paste it on the Roblox Asset Downloader.

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Follow the given steps to download the Roblox Assets:
  1. Step #1: Find the Clothing You’d Like to Copy.
  2. Step #2: Locate the clothing you’d like to copy.
  3. Step #3: Pick a clothing category and sort relevance from low to high.
  4. Step #4: Locate your desired item – the one you’d like to copy.
  5. Step #5: Modify the URL to locate the item image asset.
  6. Step #6: Locate/identify the image asset for a specified item.

Download Roblox Assets through Google Chrome Extension

If you’re using Windows PC or MAC , open the extension tab in the Google Chrome browser. Find for the “ROBLOX: Quick Asset Downloader”. Add this extension to your Google Chrome browser and enable it. Once you enable this extension on your Google Chrome Browser, you’ll be able to download the assets.

See the instructions below to download the Roblox Assets using the Google Chrome Extension

1) Open Roblox Studio (make sure you’re logged in)

2) Click “Baseplate” from the startup page

3) Click the “Test” tab, then click “Play”. Once your character is in game, click “Pause”

4) In explorer, click the arrow next to “Workplace” and click on YOUR name.

5) Under the model that is your name, click the first part, scroll down to the last part of the model and shift+click it. This should highlight all parts in the model.

6) Right click any highlighted part, and click “Group” from the drop down menu.

7) Right click any part of the highlighted group again and click “Ungroup”. You’ll notice that any accessories you had on are now floating.

8) Click the “Model” tab, and then click “Move”. Move and rotate your accessories back into place as closely as possible (you can move each individual accessory object by clicking on just that object in the Explorer menu). If the “Move” or “Rotate” tools are moving/rotating the object too far, then adjust how many studs it’s moving/rotating. I typically change the setting to move 0.20 studs instead of 1 stud default, and 5 degrees instead of 50 degrees default.

9) Once you’ve done this, highlight the first and last part of your model again, right click any part and select “group”. Now your parts are grouped into a model.You can rotate any part of the model by selecting that part in “Explorer” and rotating/moving/scaling it to your liking.

10) Finally, to export it as obj, right click “Model” (not your name! the model you grouped), and go down to where it says “Export Selection”. Obj should be the default file it will export. Name it whatever you want.

Now you can go to blender, open the file up and continue on the way you’ve been doing.



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